Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Adespos ( which means Anonymous )

I was going to upload some images, documenting the making of this - but it's pretty boring and basic really. That is something I have gotten more and more into doing since being a blogger but I think also from being part of the printmakers group on Flickr.
The first thing I wanted to do was to find a profile image of a woman from Sudan ( I was thinking of Darfur, as I was making this) and locating that image wasn't easy. I did find a woman eventually, then I drew it onto the mill board, which I eventually located here in the studio - it had to be the right thickness and weight.

Years ago I had made a portfolio/slipcase at Ormond Road Print Workshop in Finsbury Park. North London ( it seems that it no longer exists now) and had used this technique whereby you gouge out your design from the mill board and then cover the board in a thin fabric such as a lightweight calico which then gives you an embossment effect.

I cannot understand why when I did this the design although gouged reasonably deep did not seem sufficiently 'pronounced'. Therefore I needed to adhere a thin card profile and encircling ring, onto the board surface to ensure that my profile would be raised/visible.
So after two coats of fabric and everything that could go wrong, going wrong - I was able to move on to the inner contents, as it were.
I made two "linings" one using an etched textual work in the background which worked really well visually but ultimately it was the sparsity of the Hahnemuhle ground that I felt reflected the 'feel" I was going for.


  1. I think the embossment came out great. And I love the envelope with the handwriting on it.
    Will you have an opportunity to go to Japan for the exhibit?

  2. Thanks Annie B, that means a lot to me as I admire you very much as an artist and a printmaker. I think I may have been inspired to some extent by your piece "the Rape of Darfur".

    I don't think I will be going to Japan or any of the other places that they are exhibiting this.

  3. Aine, this is so lovely. It's a little like a book, too. I love the way it opens and reveals things.


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