Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Printmakers from Brazil

This is a print that I was given by my friend Paula Torres. We studied experimental printmaking at what was then called the London College of Printing. That was around about 2000. I thought of Paula as a very unique person. She sometimes used to sing in the print studio, in an unusual voice - it was maybe spiritual or folk songs but very soft like an angel. She is very far away from me now. But I often think of her and wonder how she is doing and if she is still making art. The last I heard she had had an exhibition, in Sao Paulo. She used to go into the "favellas" (slums/ shanty towns) in SP, and do drawing workshops with the children - I remember her as being very caring about people and fun and generous.
In 2001, I think it was, myself and Paula collaborated on a double exposure project organized and coordinated by an artist in Germany called Hael Yxxs. That project was called INTERLAP. The idea with it was, that artist one e.g., me, would shoot a roll of slide film on a 35 mm camera, which I did. I would then rewind the film back to the beginning. Then I would post it on to artist number two, in this case Paula in Sao Paulo, and she would take photos which would be on top of the ones I had already shot. If you click on INTERLAP you can see all the works - only about 20 or 25 in total.

I gave Paula a print - I cannot remember what I gave to her and then she gave me a print. This is a silkscreen. It is called "She". It is one of those prints that IS BEST viewed in it's physicality because the 'grey' colour is actually silver metallic.
Paula used to work in many of the printmaking techniques although I cannot remember seeing her work in relief.

I have also posted a print which another Brazilian friend gave to me. I cannot remember if I gave her one in return but I that is what I would usually do with a special artist friend.
It's a relief print - I think it's lino. The title is "Buto Retrato el Mascara" I hope I have written it correctly. You can see more of Rosana's work on her blog.

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