Monday, 16 June 2008

Agony in the Garden ( well Garage actually)

'Unbelievably here I am in agony again with my flippin nerve leg pain. And it's because I went to the hospital today for a scheduled appointment for an injection in my spine. Before I went, it wasn't there - I was relatively OK pain wise.

But let me tell you, having an injection in your spine with a so called "local anesthetic" (some gel that they rub on) is not a good idea or to be recommended - it was an absolute nightmare.

I was moaning, screaming and swearing with the torture of the pain from the doctor pushing that needle into my spine. He did it, halfway from the waistline to the the chest. It probably took about a minute to a minute and a half but it felt like forever. NEVER, never again would I agree to it.

In London when I have had these previously - it has been under general anesthetic.

And to think that earlier in the day I thought to myself "Why am I going along there to have this when I am feeling relatively OK?".
I suppose there was a certain amount of oh well I suppose I ought to. And a vague hope that it might clear my pain altogether and I might be "normal" again !!

When I asked him why we had to now have this injection under local as opposed to general anesthetic - he said something about there being even more needles involved or was it some thing about it being better to do it this way for some reason or other - I can't remember very well what he DID say but I will certainly be asking him again.

I think it is to save the NHS money - quite honestly thats why.
Just like their two bit "NHS Direct" service. Gawd one really despairs !!

I most definitely wish I had stayed at home.

It has got worse since I have got home and is now reaching up the full length of my leg. I can find no position of rest where it's not hurting like hell!!

I just hope that it will have lessened by the morrow !!

Thus ends my news burst.


  1. Several years ago I had a series of spinal epidural injections for pain management and they seemed to work very well. I think I had about 5 over a year and a half. The Dr. allowed me to judge when I needed another one and call to schedule it. None were painful, they involved an I.V. for anesthetic, but I was awake, however I did have to have someone drive me there & back. If NHS allows you to see a different Dr. I would highly recommend doing so. You should not be suffering like this. Best to you, hope it subsides soon.

  2. Painful story, I hope for you it helps to have less pain in future.
    Love, Elisa

  3. Hi Aine, I hope your leg is doing better. It's so frustrating to be in the hands of doctors who aren't helping at all. I don't think it's much better in the US. My mother-in-law fell and broke her wrist, needed surgery, has dementia and is very difficult. After her hospital stay I felt they put us out on the street with her. We got a few brochures about residential care homes, but no real help, no follow-up on her mental condition. I cornered a nurse in the hospital and demanded some more information, but if I hadn't complained about the lack of help, she wouldn't even have answered my questions. They're all busy and overworked and probably burned out. I don't know why we have billions to spend on a war, and no money here for medical care for low-income people. Anyway, that's my rant. I hope you are doing better. I put up a blog post about the wire edge binding book I told you about. I'm starting another now, one sheet folded around the wire.


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