Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Early in the Day

It's Friday and I am in the studio again, morning is the absolute worst time of day with my health condition, as it stands.

I wake up and once I start to move it truly is agonizing. I can't hep but scream out or cry out with the pain and things were so bad this morning that I couldn't even get my trousers on and had to ask C. to help. The left lower leg is dead as a plank. Moving out of the bed into the bathroom is a struggle and going down the stairs slowly is excruciating. Then sitting on my blue stool in the kitchen, I try to get the few 'breakfast' things I need together e.g., tablets (for all the good they do - but I keep taking them for fear things would feel even worse!!) cereal bowl, milk, cereal and spoon.

Fortunately C. came down and I was able to get him to pass me most of these things while I sat there desperately trying to find a comfortable position for this wretched left leg. it is like a leg that's been severely grazed and bashed and is raw and there is pain deep inside too.
C. also saw to Mister Monty who was meowing his head off as if to say I." am famished please give me my food right now - this minute!!". I remember I kept telling Monty to shut up.

Once I'd knocked down the final tablet with the fruit juice - thought I'd better clean up all the cat bowls and cups and stuff in the sink. We need these things before the dishwasher will go on again and we only have 6 cat bowls. If we can, we use the dishwasher just once every two days. It's hard going doing this stuff at the sink but it kind of distracts somewhat from this blasted pain.

Then I think "Can I face putting the pizza's together for lunch"?............ It's not that it's difficult or laborious but well I do it anyway. So I chopped the mozzarella and sprinkled on the 'spiced beef' (that I cooked up on Sunday morning, chop a few green peppers and chuck that all onto the passata which has been spread onto the bases and that's lunch prepared.

Then I make my morning cup of earl grey tea, which I have preferred to drink for gawd knows how long. C has to have his decaffeinated so I hate to think what it tastes like but I guess he has got used to it.
Mister Finny Foodles, turns up late for his breakfast and is being 'peculiar' about coming into the kitchen to his 'perch' to eat it, so I call C. to deal with him. He ends up taking it outside to the garden, for the cat to eat it.
That's a little zoom in on my mornings of late. As is evident I would be utterly lost if it wasn't for C. Bless him

Then I have to go drink it on the sofa and have a lye down as I am kind of exhausted.

The image is an etching by Gwendolyn Basala, which I find to be apt for this little vignette.

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  1. Hi, found the link to your blog on our social artist network you just joined: - Just want to say feeling with you - 10 days ago I also got an injection into the spine - also the left leg ... I think that i have more luck, it works better out in my case. Wish you the best. Gila


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