Saturday, 7 June 2008

Summertime Football and Cats

Things seem to conspire against me getting around to making a post here on my blog.

Well- it's a beautiful summer evening and although my leg is still painful - I am not feeling too bad, on the whole. It's really difficult to know, how my condition 'stands' (ha ha ha) but it seems that this leg is going to be around 'in the state that it is in' for some time yet. I surprised myself this afternoon, in a way by lying on my full length sofa. It was just nice to be able to do this, at last, because of my disconcerted leg nerve. The first math of the European Football tournament was on T.V., and I watched Switzerland play the Czech republic. The latter won, one nil. I particularly enjoy tournament of this calibre i.e., where international teams are playing and you are watching the sport at its very best. This would include also the World Cup. On the past two occasions that it has been on the TV here in the UK, I have also enjoyed watching the African Nations tournament. The first week is always the best I find. I love watching all the different kinds of people and there are usually at least a few gorgeous looking guys to absorb at the same time. Monty our tubster jumbo cat came in at some point meowing his head off, he's a very verbal cat ( i.e., loudmouth) trouble is he only has the one word. So of course you have to guess whether its some kind of genuine and valid need he's asserting or whether he just is mouthing off as he just doesn't know what to do with himself. Sometimes he just needs to be settling down to go for a nap and its just part of his ritual towards that end.

He really has turned out to be quite a character. He was so shy when he was a kitten. And Finny was the more forward one. Now the situation is reversed.


  1. Hi Aine

    Thanks for the visit to my blog, yes nice to meet a fellow blogger and one from Ireland too! I look forward to recieving the info!


  2. Hello Aine

    Great you enjoy the football, I don't care about it, don't watch it. But the rest of the Netherlands does. Everything has turned orange, whole streets are filled with flags and every orange object people could get a grip on. The pubs are orange, with huge tv-screens. Every commercial has an football-theme, supermarkets give orange presents, etc, etc. Unlucky for me the Dutch won the first game, so I lie awake in my bed at night listening to people scream and cars 'hooping?'
    Hope they loose the next time, so we can go back to normal here ;-)

    I saw some great prints in the British Museum last week; The American scene, prints from Hopper to Pollock. (and Louise Bourgeois!)

    I hope you can cope with your pain and have enough energy for other things.
    Enjoy the football and love, Elisa


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