Monday, 26 May 2008

So here I am trying to do Sitting Down activities

Well that means mostly working on my laptop here in my garage/studio. I suppose I ought to try to just call it "my studio" but I keep saying the garage. It's just that it has a huge pull up door opening the entire front wall (as it were). Not that I ever open it. It's got stuff leaning up against it and one mono print stuck on the door. Today I managed to clear out all the drawers of my Ikea plan chest
(it's only A2 size!) and has six drawers , which aren't that deep , probably about 2 inches or 5 cm. Anyway each drawer was filled with a miscellany of paper works etc. So I emptied each one up here on my huge worktable, which is in the center of the studio. I then began to sort them out into piles. Completed works, image research/resources, prints to complete, blank paper, 'chine colle' sheets.
I decided also to label one empty drawer, as a place to stuff things into !!

Tomorrow I am going to prepare my artist's book, to send to an exhibition in South Africa. It's to be a selected exhibition so of course I hope I get selected otherwise it's £20.00 down the drain plus the postage costs there and back. They are publishing a catalog, so if I do get in, then that would be really nice as well. Seemed worth the risk. On the whole now my policy is to only submit for projects that are publishing a catalog and showing in a gallery of good standing. Having said that I may now and then, enter works to shows that have a theme that I can not resist or that are fund raising for a cause close to my heart. I have already done quite a few of those.

I actually have been in so many exhibitions that i cannot remember a lot of them. That would particularly apply to when I started out.

Better finish now as it's getting close to "lights out" time.

Heres a lovely print I came across recently.

I will be featuring more of her works on my tradigital blog soon.


  1. I wish the pain in your leg will become less everyday. And great times making your beautifull work.

  2. Dear Aine,

    Thanks for your email. It is really good to hear from you! I have been thinking of you and wishing I could get to Scotland, but I am now over in Belfast and won’t be back on the “mainland” again this trip.

    I was really sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time at the moment with your scoliosis. Your experience at the hospital sounds very frustrating. I hate going to hospital, and (touch wood) haven’t been for a while. You do feel so out of control and out of your depth – and you never know “what they might be saying/thinking behind your back”. I guess that sounds paranoid, but I worked in a hospital for a while, and I know that the patients are discussed – they have to be.

    I haven’t looked at any blogs really since I’ve been away, but yesterday I had a good look at all of yours. They are great! What a wealth of information you have put together all ready. I am very interested in the “tradigital” one, and hope I can learn from it.

    I was also really interested to see you were originally a painter and then switched to printmaking. It is obviously working for you! As printmaking is so technique-based, I assume you had to go somewhere to learn the techniques? Where did you go?

    I am still not 100% sure that I have worked out the best medium/s for me, but hopefully in the next year or so things will come a bit clearer. I do enjoy working in 3-D, and it does seem to “come” more easily to me, but it is just the physicality of it that is so challenging for me. I wish I could do something like textile work so I could just sort of sit on the sofa and do it, rather than having to stand a lot and have a big set-up. Unfortunately I am pretty hopeless at sewing and needlecrafts.

    Well, do look after yourself – have you ever had any osteopathy for your scoliosis? I have fibromyalgia (obviously very different) but I do find that osteopathy helps keep my muscles all in balance and seems to stop the pain getting REALLY bad. Of course it is not a cure, and the $$$s can mount up.

    Warm wishes,

  3. Oh Aine, I haven't read your blog for a few days due to my own (well, my husband's) hospital adventures but I'm so sorry to hear what a rough time you're having! My sister has scoliosis and I know how much it hurts her. I don't know what to say to cheer you up. I sat waiting for hours in A&E doodling little drawings for my daily drawing blog and feeling useless and helpless. The only thing is that here at least the facilities are better than in the UK and nurses occasionally smile! I hope the pain reduces and that you manage to find a way of working sitting down, best wishes, Sara (in Oz)


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