Thursday, 15 May 2008

It's that Sarah Where have I Heard that Name Before ??

You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You know when you keep coming across a name of a person and you can't always figure out how you know of it, or where you came across it before, well Sarah Hopkins was a case in
Earlier this year I came across her "again" on Facebook. I had had to join Facebook previously, in relation to accessing some information on an arts opportunity and had an account there for a while before I actually started "rooting about" on the website.

Being a printmaking "nut" I looked that up and hey presto came across the "I love Printmaking" group, which is where I came across Sarah. There are a few printmakers on there making work that I like and this piece by Sarah is one that I particularly like. Its a collagraph, apparently, just glue and cardboard she said when I asked her about some technical info. It turned out that we had both been previously invited to be in an exhibition in Spain, which eventually had its funding pulled, so that show never happened in the end.

Having said that the guy who originally invited us Jaime Rodriguez did co ordinate an alternative exhibition at a place called Casa Duro in Asturias, which I did participate in. The website called "Kaosart", is, I find , a bit chaotic, in that for example iI could not find a link to the exhibition we were in . It was called Semantica. This project was mentioned in an earlier post in my blog.

p.s. I have just realized that the "I Love Printmaking Group", is only accessible from within, i.e., you have to be a member to see it.

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