Sunday, 25 May 2008

Continuation of the Leg Saga

I can't remember where I left off yesterday evening, though I think it was that I ended up admitted to the local hospital. It must have been about 9.30 or 10 by then. They gave me some tablets and I can not remember now how I slept though I think I did eventually get to sleep. The pain in the nerve in my left leg continued on and on. This made it extremely difficult to find any position comfortable and of course they had those funny pillows that are seemingly full of air. One gets used to ones own pillows!.
The next day the 'doctors' came around on their ward rounds and repeated all of my details and case notes in front of me. They seemed to conclude that I was a case for "pain management". I wasn't too sure what that meant except that perhaps the doctor who was a pain management specialist, who I had been seeing previously in their 'out patients' department, might be contacted and come along to see me. It was all a bit vague. I think it is awful when you are in hospital in that you become powerless, like a child. You are dependent on others doing things for you. Of course, they all seem to mean well and promise to do this and to fetch that but they rarely return or seem to carry though ones wishes.

I got the impression that they were overloaded with work. I could not get to see the particular pain consultant, I don't know why even though I tried to find out.

As I lay there, in pain, it seemed to me that really all that would be done now is that this pain consultant (R), would just increase my dosage of the new drug he had recently put me on and that there was no real reason for being in the hospital as far as I was concerned.
I tried to get R. to come and see me, but got nowhere. It was frustrating as I just wanted to get discharged. But all to no avail so I resigned myself to the fact that I was in there for another night. That turned out to be just as well because I had a terrible night and couldn't sleep because of my pain and discomfort.

The team of nurses who were on that night shift were a more mature bunch than the previous nights which may explain why one of them the charge nurse gave me sleeping tablets at about 1 am and again then when I woke at 4 am. Having an old woman sleeping opposite me who snored exacerbated the situation but eventually I got to sleep.

The next day I waited again for R. to appear but no show. However it seemed to be on the cards officially - that I would be released. Some doctor or other must have signed some bit of paper that made it all OK. Eventually I was able to leave at about 2 pm.

Time for another picture as a form of relief from all of this hospital administration.

It's by Mimmo Palladino, I can't remember where I came across it. Its a print and I dont know its title or its technique. What has just occurred to me is that I have abook called Mimmo Palladino's complete graphic works - so it is probably listed in there. I shall look sometime.

I came home from the hospital still in heavy pain but of course being human, I hoped that it would lessen. And the hospital had given me a huge amount of tablets.
These were mainly paracetamol, which apparently is supposedly good for neuralgic pain. I have only taken it when I absolutely needed it.

This being on top of my usual medication. There are loads of these paracetamol tablets left now in my kitchen drawer.

Amazingly by Friday morning the heavy nerve pain in my leg lessened - I was almost afraid to believe it or to tell another soul in case it came back. I admit that I did touch wood several times.

having said all of this - this episode has rendered my left leg weak and I now have to get around with a crutch. I need to sit down as much as I can and keep walking and standing to an absolute minimum. This was the case with my situation before this "episode" but now this policy HAS TO BE ADHERED TO.

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