Saturday, 24 May 2008

Heres what's really been going on with me lately

For the last 5 to 6 weeks, my condition (scoliosis) has really "escalated" for want of a better word. I have been in a lot more pain in my lower back and my leg nerve pain has been having a "field day".

Then about 3 weeks ago or just under that, it hit the high notes of extreme pain in my left leg. The whole "friggin" length of it. It was unbearable and I was beside myself with the pain. That started at about 11 in the morning. I was in tears an just kind of groaning/shouting in a caveman like fashion by about 1 o clock and C. said "maybe you better call the doctor” so I did.

When I phoned my doctor I got a message telling me that the "system" had changed i.e., now us patients were to phone something called "NHS Direct". This is a nationwide service, with a national phone line. I explained my situation and they said they would pass on my case to the doctors there and I would be phoned back. Weird huh............ By about 3.30, still in an absolutely miserable state with the pain, I decided to phone them back and had to explain my case again. It was getting to be like when you phone Epson or Applemac to try to get something done, and you get a different person each time and you have to repeat your details and so on. But given that that’s absolutely frustrating enough if you are trying to sort out your printer, well I mean when you are in the state I was in with like nerve toothache down my left leg...well it was farcical in a kind of sick surrealistic way.

Trying to cut the story short by 7.30 pm, I got to see a general practitioner at the local hospital. This was in the "NHS Direct" GP area (only for those with appointments!) I only had to wait 6 and half hours for that though. Like so that was great wasn't it.

I kid you not, I explained my situation to this bod and he banged my leg here and there with a rather nasty looking all metal hammer and his final conclusions were that "really there isn’t anything that I can do for you"


I burst into the most deep guttural tears of disbelief and despair. I had not really cried tears like that for years and years.
Upon which he proffered that perhaps he could phone his colleague an orthopedic specialist, and we could see what he thought.

This chap, whose name I cannot remember came along fairly quickly, he had a mumbling session with the other guy, asked me a few questions. Said that I should be admitted he'd have me x-rayed straight away which wouldn't take long and get me up to the ward as soon as possible so that I could be given some pain relief. And sort of asked if would that be alright with me. Ha Ha Ha.....from one extreme to the other. The oddest thing too, was that while all of this was going on, my pain level went down just the tiniest bit on the Richter scale, though it was still pretty awful - its just that it wasn’t at "screaming" level anymore.

So there I was, with one of those prisoner like, white gowns put on, that tie at the back, and hoisted onto a metal trolley.

I am actually quite tired now so will continue this tomorrow.

Meanwhile here’s a picture to cheer us all up

I came across this image, a monoprint by Gail Bos, which I find to be delightful.

I found it on the website of Monotype Guild of New England


  1. Pain is no fun at all when the medication stops working. You have my sympathy - I've burst into tears in A&E before now in order to convey the level of pain I've been in! It made me feel a bit like a six year old but the way in which the systems fired up and started to work as soon as I did was some recompense I guess.

    I'm very impressed by your blogging from hospital!

    I actually came over here to tell you that I'm including links to your blogs are going to be featured on my 'who's made a mark his week?' post this Sunday.

  2. Hello Aine,
    So sorry to hear of your pain and troubles. Hoping your situation improves quickly! best, Annie


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