Saturday, 2 May 2009

It's ONLINE...My own portfolio Website (at last!!)

I had an email from OPP today this morning telling me my email account was set up with them (already!!) and when I typed my URL into the browser thinking they wouldn't have that set up yet. I mean they had to purchase a domain name for me .....well I was pleasantly surprised it works!!. I only made my visa card payment to them yesterday afternoon.

Brilliant and so easy to manage......I really would highly recommend it to any fine artist who has been meaning to set up their own website for years and years and never has gotten around to it. That perfectly describes me by the way.
It cost me £110.00, which I think is reasonable, as that includes my domain name an email account and the web storage space as well as the use of the facility for putting the website together and maintaining it.

I might add that I did have a Mac dot com account which cost me about £67 per annum and that gave me access to a set of templates to 'build ' a website on there. You had to load your images to IDisc first though. They also have a forum for Mac users and it's full of all of the things that go wrong and well it's just too wearisome for words. It was limiting.
Additionally they keep changing the 'goalposts' like, for example, to be able to build a website that's a wee bit more customizable you needed to purchase something called ILife - which I did a couple of years ago that was about £70-00, and I did start one and went back to it now and again just was going to take forever. The other thing is that there would always be a latest version of ILife with which you were now able to do this or that.
So in a way I felt that Applemac , were always changing the goalposts. Their latest thing is that the 'Homepage'service is being 'disappeared' after June 2009.

Which meant that you'd no longer be able to update your pages on there after that date so you would HAVE TO go buy the ILife package which has probably gone up in price since I purchased it a few years back.
Finally their annual fee for having webspace with them, is increasing in June to about £100.00 so that did it for me. I thought I'd do a trial run with OPP and well that's the end of the story.


  1. All good reasons for changing over, and it looks great. I love your cat photos for starters, and your resume which has three times as many entries on it for 2009 as mine does and makes me feel lazy by comparison!

  2. Hello.
    I thought you might be interested in reading about a printmaking exhibition at Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Book and Paper Arts opening September 11. Check out my blogpost about Pearl of the Snowlands at Thanks. I hope it’s OK if I leave a link to your site on artseenchicago.

  3. fantastic to know!thanks!


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