Sunday, 24 May 2009

Print Studio Blog Update

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  1. hi aine
    hows things? good i hope was taking another look at your site (all fantastic! so much to see i never have enough time to sit at the pc!) anyway i was wondering if you are aware of a feminist art group called SubRosa you might be interested in collaborating with some of your imagary seems to relate? founder member faith wilding (womanhouse generation) will be here as part of GI next year working with kate davis. both women are totally lovely and very kind and approachable! also notably interested in artists collaborating.
    you can find info on her recent talk at GFT in feb or march this year i cant remember exactly
    anyhoo you have my email if youd like any other info or i have kate davis direct email she is glasgow based and is showing work currently through sorcha dallas all of which youll find online


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