Sunday, 24 May 2009

Loose Pigments in a printmaking context ??

This is something I have wanted to explore for ages and ages and for some reason .....I finally got round to it.

I think this was the first one. I rolled up some oil based extender onto a perspex (plexiglass) plate and then sprinkled some loose pigment powder, on to it.

I put the powder into a glass jar and then placed a double layer of tarlatan or scrim over the mouth of it (using an elastic band) . I wanted to try to eliminate little clumps and make it come out finely / lightly BUT believe me that's a lot trickier than you would imagine...!!


This second image was what I originally had in mind when I was thinking of doing this although my overall aim, is to be able to incorporate intaglio elements with it as well.
I may not be able to 're-soak' them though, once they have been in the 'drying stack.
Perhaps the pigment wont be sufficiently 'adhered' to the paper surface??

I will have to test one to see how it behaves.
I have just included an inkjet chine colle, element with this one.


This next one was an inkjet print of mine from ages ago which I always felt needed 'something else' to be complete. So I hastily tore a template or stencil out of some newsprint and 'masked the areas I wanted to protect. On the plate I previously rolled the pigment, into the transperent oil based extender.


This one was done on top of another previously made proof using possibly cling film with a transparent blue ink on. Can't quite remember. It's on lightweight paper.

UPDATE  :  these prints have survived from when they were originally created - which was May 2009 Five and a half years ago now .....i.e., none of the pigment has fallen off ....they look the same now (8th February 2015) as they do in these photos.


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  1. Hi,Aine.
    When I see your tests with oil-based extender,I came to think of the prints I have done in the same technique, but with waterbased thickener for acrylics from Lascaux.
    It can be washed off to eliminate loose pigment and can be redampened for further intaglio elements.
    I just thought this could be useful for you, since you prefer waterbased media?



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