Sunday, 25 July 2010

If Only I could magically shrink stuff ??!!!

I made a little batch of trace monotypes recently on all of the lightweight papers I had in my possession - some from years ago.  Mainly I did not know the names of the papers which was annoying.
So anyway I sent  samples of them to John Purcell papers in London and true to form,  they very kindly have sent me some mostly A4 pieces in return with their names on. 
These were what I did the trace monotypes on.  I love working with this technique.  Now , using these papers I am thinking to use them as chine colle elements in future works. In addition I know which ones I like best  AND will be able to order som eof them soon (as in relation to which of these I can afford).
This is one I was trying out having scanned the background print which was made using water colour media.  The only trouble was that the twin image (trace monotype)  is too big for the blue background.  Never mind I could output it as an inkjet chine colle and then combine it onto the blue background with another non intrusive intaglio plate or a monotype plate with a few sparse marks on it - maybe made using oil sticks..

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