Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lascaux Wash Resist on Aluminium TESTS

I am posting these scans onto which I have written notes so as to share my experience with those of you, who may be moving towards using  acrylic resist etch for the first time.  
I began trying out these during the course I did at FDPW recently, with    Robert Adam and Carol Robertson.  (authors of "Intaglio" (the most up to date book on the subject, which I have had, for quite a while now AND which I highly recommend.
Anyways we had a great time worked hard .......... and if only............. we had,  had more time to try out more things !!
Having said that Carol and Robert were ever so generous to us - giving us far more of their time than they were paid for.

It was lovely to see them again and they even  had their sweet little dog with them called "Hugo".

I shall includes a photo of him ( at the foot of this post)  with my dear friend Tatiana !!  

Click on these jpegs  be able to read the notes etc

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