Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lascaux Wash Resist on Zinc (Acrylic Resist Etching)

Please note I have made a mistake with the notes written under the photo in this post


* To Prepare your plate for Acrylic resist etching


Apply some pumice powder and water (already made up into a mix to a paste consistency - in a container) .  Dip your rolled up felt in this and  rub your plate surface on a supporting  flat work surface.
I like to use this method as it is gentle yet effective.
Carol and Robert showed us this method. 


Make a solution of 1 litre water to 30 grams of washing soda crystals (soda ash).  Dilute the crystals in a small amount of boiling water and then make up to the 1 litre mark.  You could make a few litres up and then its ready, in storage for when you need it.

You will need another "dedicated roll" of blanket felt for this.  I put a few elastic bands around mine to keep it together.  You could also use string.  Maybe make it a different coloured string  than the one you use for the 'graining' as mentioned above.

Dip your felt roll in this solution and then rub it onto a slab of magnesium carbonate ( if you can get hold of it in this form) .  If not then just dunk it into the  container with the magnesium carbonate powder.  Rub that in circular motions on the the surface of your plate.

Paul Musgrove showed us this method

See also Colin Beaumonts blog which shows his explorations using Lascaux products to make collagraphs. I have put a link to the point at which he starts off -  you will have to work backwards from there.

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