Monday, 20 September 2010

Done and Dusted (print edition dispatched)

I was invited by Clare Mc Vinnie, artist and printmaking technician at the Dundee Contemporary Art Centre about 5 months ago to  participate and so I said I would.  I decided eventually to work on an intaglio  lino image that I actually begun years and years ago but had never developed further.

It was just a linear image of a figure in the foreground well the face and then the horse image behind it.  I will do a separate post concerning its progress from that  'old' state to the final b.a.t..

I used caustic soda to etch the lino and also some diluted Lascaux acrylic hard ground,  to make part of the surface 'paler'.   I felt that this was an excellent medium /process to go with,  for making an edition - given that I don't really do editions other than for projects such as this.

I experimented on some additional plates in the course of making this blue print and learned some new things that I want to develop further especially where larger works are concerned -  well let's say plates that are 40 x 55 cm.............. that kind of size.  As I said, I'll share what I learned in a future post on the making of the plate/print.

Here's a photo of the finished edition
The project is originally initiated/ coordinated by Hot Bed Press where my good friend Sean Rorke, works.  We were fellow students on the  post graduate printmaking course at Wimbledon in London.  For me the course, left a lot to be desired  but I came across some great fellow print maker colleagues.

I notice that Sean's book about print workshops throughout the UK is online now.  I knew he had been working on it for a while so well done Sean on getting it finished bet that's a load off your mind !!


Just came across a full album set on FLICKR of all the prints that were part of this international print portfolio exchange project.

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