Friday, 24 September 2010

Recent Discoveries

I came across these four excellent artist print makers recently - trouble is I can't remember where  - other than for the last one  shown here.  The first one is by Caitlin Sheedy.  She doesn't seem have her own website which is a shame.  I love the 'magic realism' aspect in this piece of hers.

 The figures leap through our vision, "mermaid-like", I love her range of tones and the sense of space.  The fact that one of the figures is wearing spectacles is also a humorous touch.  I think that's a planet in the upper left corner?.

Next,  Glen Skein from Mackay, Queensland, Australia.  His assemblages and box works  which you can see on his website. are very inspiring -  take a look at them. 

Number 3 is by my associate Naoji  Ishiyami - talented fellow that he is, whose work I very much admire.

I  like the surreal dreamlike quality to Naoji's imagery and his use of aquatint at which I think he is quite adept.   We exhibited together at the Falun Graphic Triennial, held at the Dalarnas Museum in Sweden back in 2007. See HERE for images of the visit,

exhibition, artworks shown by the other artists.
That exhibition which really was a great experience -  came about very much through the initiative and far reaching efforts of Modhir Ahmed another  talented  print maker friend,  based in Sweden, who like Naoji seems to be very much in the spotlight when it comes to receiving awards. 

I came across this photo of a page from an artists book -  on Modhir's website - it's one

 from a series of about 5,  documenting the project he undertook as a collaboration with
renowned Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer

Here is an extract from a poem of his,  called "Haiku"

  "Carried by darkness.
            I met an immense shadow
             in a pair of eyes.

            These milestones
            have set out on a journey.
            Hear the wood-dove’s voice.

                                 Resting on a shelf
                               in the library of fools
                                                                          the sermon-book, untouched.

Diffused Relief Print

This final image is wonderful - I love the over layering which artist Monika Meler uses.  

She refers to it as "diffused relief printing"  I have got to find out more about this??

Please if anyone knows what is meant by this phrase  - let me know !!!

Oh by the way I came across Monikas wonderful image on  the Protius Mag blog which has some excellent artwork - well worth a visit .

FOOTNOTE:  Thanks to those people who took the time to post some comments on here about this process.  I even had an email from the lovely Monika, in response to my questions.


  1. Hi,Aine.
    I have some info on Monika Melers technique.
    I even can direct you to a video showing in detail about the process.
    here is the link

    Good luck with investigating.

  2. Aine,
    Monika did a demo of diffused relief at the SGC Conference in Philadelphia this year. It was at Tyler School for Art and they posted a video of the demo on their website. Monika's is the last one on this page: We've been playing with it here in Phoenix and really love it.

  3. hi Aine, all of these artists' prints are beautiful. so very inspiring. me too, i am very curious about the 'diffused relief printing'. did you ever find out? i only came across a brief description about it here:

    also want to let you know the words you left for me still resonate with me...thank you, dear Aine...

  4. hi aine, i've found your blog through elisa (dreams between the worlds). i was also curious about this term 'diffuse relief print' and so i googled it. i found, among other things, this link:
    the event itself has happened, but there's a blurb that explains a teeny bit about this technique. maybe that's useful?


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