Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Jessica Brice Lambert - Photocollagraphs

A while ago I was thinking that I would like to try out the technique of making a photo-collagraph - without knowing that much about it.  And as is usual I search out people on the internet who have already done this technique.  I found a few but not many when you think of the number of printmakers that are out there in the world!!   During my search I came across Jessica Brice Lambert's works.  Most of her work is in mixed media drawing although she does oil on canvas too.  I think her photo-collagraph works are her best pieces.  But thats just what I think - others may have a different opinion.  You can see what you think by checking out her website.  Here are some of her prints.

I had thought that I would try a quick one - while we were doing a photo etch course with Paul Musgrove a few months back.

So I sealed some cardboard and then rolled some Fotec emulsion on and let it dry.  I then exposed my image which was based on a drawing I did,   of a very old battered Victorian doll.

Unfortunately it became water logged when I put it in the developer, as I had feared it might.    So I put it to one side.  I have it here in my studio somewhere ??.  Both the original drawing which was made using walnut crystals ink and wash / as well as the photo exposure on the cardboard.

I will add it into this post when I find it.  The photo exposure had worked - it was just the water.

Since then at FDPW - we have done a further course  using photo etch laminate (which Paul also taught us).  The film of Fotec is   laminated onto the surface of our plates,  through the etching press - so yep -  I will definitely use that when I make my next attempt.

Perhaps, after I seal front, reverse and sides of the mountboard -  I will cover the back of the cardboard with "Fablon" ( that contact adhesive sheet that is meant for people to,  for instance line their kitchen shelves) - it's quite robust and may help to keep it from becoming water logged.

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