Monday, 7 July 2008

Animals - our relationship to them

Just thought I'd post this on here. Its an image from absolutely ages ago that I still like. It was unusual for me in that I used "tippex" onto a photo I came across in a newspaper and at a much later date stuck it onto a water colour sheet.

It is something to do with our relationship with animals and the fact that we give different status to different species as in e.g., cat (I have two cats whom I am very fond of and who are an everyday part of my life) cow ...I eat minced beef, which is the result of those animals being reared to be killed and eaten. Then theres sheep .... I once was on a printmaking residency in Cumbria. The place was called Lowick Print Workshop.

I had my accommodation in a caravan which was located in a field which had sheep and cattle grazing in it.

That really made me think about the issue of eating animals and the way that us humans are with animals.
That issue was kind of in my mind when I made another piece called "Sticks and Stones"
its a hand coloured collagraph.


  1. Is the rope also in the collagraph- plate ?Glued on or something?

    Just wondered i it was digital.
    Anyway, a lovely work,aine.


  2. This collagraph is one of my favourites. It was made using twisted paper glued on to the plate. This plate has an amazing 'emboss' to it. One thing thats a problem with making this on a plate is that if you over ink that part and dont get the pressure right, where the etching press is concerned, then you get a "bleed" in the proof, which after spending at least an hour inking up the plate
    (its a large one about 76 x 100 cm ) is extremely upsetting. I remember doing several of these during this time last summer, when I could still physically, do that and it drove me crazy. It was very hot at the time as well.

    The photo of this print despite my best efforts is no match to how beautiful this looks in the flesh, as it were.
    Glad you appreciate it for what it is.

  3. Wow, and so big too.That I like!!

    The colors are subtile.
    So a very good night to you.



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