Sunday, 13 July 2008

Legs Akimbo...........................

It's been a while since I posted as to how things have been. Well I am still using a crutch to get around. I have of course tried from time to time, to do a stretch of distance without it to see how I am and it's just completely impossible for me to 'walk' without it. I kind of hobble, with my left leg jutting out towards the left and as if one leg is shorter than the other. Its an awful site and it feels painful in a way thats difficult to describe. My left leg is gone numb in the foot area (as if it is dead) and the same goes for the front part of my lower leg, all the way down.

The pain is still there as well but not to the extreme levels as in up to about even three weeks ago. I have fallen twice here in the house whilst on my crutches and although the first one was quite bad, in that I feel it set me back a couple of weeks and brought on my pain in the left side again, the second fall was not so bad because I was able to put my hands out to save myself. There now, you have the full grotty details. Sometimes wonder who I am talking to but at the same time its OK as I am quite comfortable in talking to myself.
Still got the lower back pain but the nerve going up the full length of the left leg seems to be taking a back seat for the time being, thank gawd!! touch wood ( I am afraid I actually have to, admit that I do that when stuff really matters to me!!)

I got the images off to Printmaking online OK, as usual, it took far longer than I imagined and of course I had to do it mega perfectly. Would you believe it though they managed despite my meticulously organized information, to get the details wrong on one of my images. So thats another thing that I need to do.


  1. Hi Aine, glad to see you're out and about again on your blog, even if it is with one gammy leg and a crutch. Awful to hear about your pain, but you are amazingly resilient despite it all... hope to bump into you here or on my blogs or on Artists' Books 3.0 soon! Sara x

  2. I like how you've turned your recent health challenges into some interesting artwork. As the saying here goes - making lemonade from lemons. I particularly found the second piece to be a creative symbolic rendering of the split you must have been feeling between your healthy and un-healthy sides.

    Very interesting, indeed...

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    In the end I did not get the phone job at all. So that leaves me with seas of time to make art :-) I'm so struggeling with my self confidence and gloomy future thinking again, that it maybe will even be a bigger task than a stupid job. Stop thinking and start working is the best cure for this.

    Knocking on wood really works (except for head-lice, maybe they are deaf...)

    We had a great, sunny holiday in the UK, I loved Brighton, Summerset and Cornwall.

    Love and great works you made. May your pain be less ech day, xxx Elisa

  4. Sure is great, as Bob said that you have managed to create some interesting pieces on your recent debilitation... frustrating. I have never had a problem like this, just my writing hand wrist was bad enough, so I feel for you. But, all that said it sounds like you have tons of courage!
    Thanks again for your nice comment on my blog too.


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