Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Putting up with Limitations - aint easy !

Gee whizz, did you ever start typing in your blog entry and compose about three sentences only to realize that you had not placed the cursor in the box well - that's what I just did right now argh !!

Its July the first already and not much has been done on my part lately in relation to my art making but then I suppose you could say that I have been ill. And yet it doesn't seem quite like that to me as mainly it's just that my ability to stand and walk to any extent has been taken away from me. Gawd only knows where they put these things?!

I have been in loads of pain thats true and unfortunately it continues. Morning time continues to be a right fiasco as previously noted and that's despite the very good medication that my GP prescribed to help with this. I have to take it the minute I wake up and then wait for about an hour. If I attempt to move before that then it's a case of the argh!!......oouu!!...ouch.... oh my gawd!!!.... etc etc and I have to try to regain a position of least pain while I let the blasted peg (sorry leg) settle its nerves down again.

I just wanted to get some kind of an entry in for today so that theres some account as to my existence. C. has been wonderful to me throughout this wretched business - he really has.
It's just as well that the European Football tournament was on TV of late followed by the present Wimbledon Tennis tournament -- which helps when I am having to have a lye down on the sofa otherwise I would probably listen to the radio. I am a real radio buff - I mainly listen to radio 4 and Radio Scotland. Also the World service.

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