Saturday, 5 July 2008

Big Blue Sky, Losing and Remembering

YIKES!!!.........It's 5th July and I am amazed at how fast the time is going.!! What you have to appreciate is that I am an extremely ancient being and time goes faster faster and speedier as you go through it.

Actually I do remember when I was a child in Ireland how the summer holidays from school went incredibly slow and I just was amazed at how long a stretch of time those 12 weeks or so seemed. I used to gaze up at the sky on the green outside our house and somehow felt that that big blue sky, was in someway, connected to this sense of a grand expanse of time.

Nearly finished writing up a new artists statement for Printmaking online dot co dot UK, (they get stranger and stranger but I find it hard to resist being a little sardonic) who are 'taking me on" as one of their online artist/printmakers. The site particularly appealed to me because of what it's name implies i.e., the creative process of printmaking.

I had to collate images that I have here, in my print studio, available for sale.
I think it's six that they like to have available for sale, by each artist.

Anyway so that's when I realized that many of the lovelier ones, are out on exhibition.
In the process of assessing my current 'stock' as it were, I became aware, that, of the original four jpgs, I sent them to see if they were interested, I had actually sold one of them.
I would like to do another version of it, in any event, as I am very fond of it. This is the one I am referring to.

On another but related note - I also found that I could not locate my most recently updated CV. on my laptop This would have been done I would guess about last November, December. Thus I began to search through my more recent CD's and DVD's and amazingly I wasn't able to locate ANY CV folders which is pretty surprising as its the kind of thing that I usually don't ever have trouble getting hold of . Bah!!.

Anyway so I have been looking myself up on Google to see if I can 'jig' my memory as to projects that I have participated in and even to locate a CV somewhere. Trouble is it won't be that updated. It's something to build on at least.

Thank Goodness for the internet. I really mean that in so many ways and on so many levels.
We are a very fortunate generation, indeed, to have this at our fingertips.

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  1. You're not THAT old Aine! But you are having to put up with a lot of grief from your leg... as you say, thank goodness for C, as well as for your wit and sarcasm and sheer bloody-minded creativity! I really admire your strength, even though I guess that perhaps you don't always feel that strong. I haven't read "Sorry" yet, but you've reminded me about it. Take care of yourself, Sara x


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