Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas ...the year coming to an end and so on....

I have received post from several people I haven't heard from in a while in the past week which has been great. This might be because quite a lot of those people had no idea what my home address is now (given that I moved twice in the past twp years (never never again - I hope)yep so that might account for it.

I made some cards which was pretty hard work BUT coundn't have done it without the help of B.M. at F.D.P.W. I am now running a blog for FDPW as a means of keeping a newsletter going on a kind of "live" basis. I am actually responsible also for creating the physical printed newsletter in any event so this is just an extension of that. I don't think that all of our membership are on the internet so until such time I guess the printed one will have to be maintained.

Getting back to cards and communication - I like sending cards especially if I have made them myself. I have wanted to print my own cards for years and years and ironically it has been this year, the one in which I have become fully "disabled" that I got it together (ha ha!!)

To me it matters to be personal and an aspect of this is that, it is, for example, extremely difficult for me to send a Christmas card where I have not written a little message on the blank inside page of the card. I can not just say "from A." or "from A. and C."

There are some people that I would have loved to have been able to send one of my bear cards but I don't have their postal addresses and if I asked them then that would spoil the surprise - you see that's another thing --- I like for it to be a surprise.

I received a beautiful card today my absolute favorite this year. It was from Elisabeth in Norway. Where the Christmas trees come from, at least that's what I was told when I was a little kid!!

Heres the 'card - its not quite as good a photo as I thought it was but I will add it for now as its way past my bedtime AND I will replace it with a better quality one soon. It certainly deserves it. Thank you Elisabeth - I will treasure it.!!!

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  1. Good morning,my friend!
    To my surprise I saw my christmascard on your page this morning!What a lovely gesture!
    But I see it almost didn`t reach you in time.
    That will teach me to be more cautious next time with the postal sevices.
    I have my little bear-card from you over my PC here, already in a little frame, I must admit.
    My very own Aine Scannell original!!
    I will keep it close to me .
    it will remind me of this year,2008, which has opened up a new internet-world for me.And very much of it thanks to you, Aine.

    The holidays are not quite over yet, a few more days with lazy doings,meeting family for brunch this afternoon and so on.But I have lined me up for some watercolour -making in between, so I will doodle my way into the new year this way.
    Hope you will enjoy your holiday too.

    Hugs from Elisabeth!


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