Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Star Wheel Etching Press FOR SALE

Star Wheel Press Information

An etching press in good condition with two sets of blankets
( one set nearly new )
Bed size: 63.5 x 136 cm

The press is in good working condition and is a very robust press.

It has been used regularly for 20+ years by many members of Fife Dunfermline

Printmakers Workshop until it was recently replaced by a geared etching press.

Diameter of wheel: 1775 mm

Height of frame to centre of wheel: 1105 mm

Floor to ceiling Height just under 2300 mm.

Bed size is 63.5 x 1.36 cm.

We have two sets of blankets with the press, one of which is almost new. These may be sold with the press but the press can also be sold minus one/both sets of blankets.

The press is available now and has been stripped down ready for transportation.

We have no idea of the weight of the press, apart from very very heavy. very heavy

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