Saturday, 12 February 2011

Galway International Mini Print 2011

I received an alert from Facebook today,  informing me that some photos connected to me,  were viewable on a link.   I checked  it out and was pleased to find that   -  someone there,  had had the good sense,  to take  a few shots, at the recently held private view.  This being in relation to
the Galway International Mini Print Exhibition, which was organized by Lorg Printmakers.  I don't know as of yet whether this is something they have previously hosted etc or if this is the first one. 
Apparently the show was officially opened by someone called "James C Harrold"  (?) last  Saturday  and will run until the 26th of February, 2011.
An International Mini Print Exhibition - "it showcases a selection of miniature prints from some of the most promising international printmakers". it features work from eight countries.
(PLEASE NOTE  click on the Facebook link below to see more photos taken at the private view/ exhibition)

The selected artists:
From Ireland
Aisling BradleyKillian Dunne,  Tina Gaffey,  Joan GleesonAoife Layton,  Mo Levy and  Jennifer McCauley.


"David and Paleocene" by Killian Dunne

From England
Chris Davis and Terry Gravett.

From Poland
Lukkasz Cywicki. 

From New Zealand
Antonia O' Mahony.

From Argentina
Hilda Paz Levozah and Graciela Silvera.

From Scotland
Aine Scannell.

From Brazil
Pires Godinho Jussara Tereinha.

From Japan
Kouki Tsuritani.

From Australia
Cleo wilkinson and Sandra Starkey Simon.

Lorg Fine Art Printmakers Ltd,
Workshop and Gallery
Unit 8 & Unit 7,
Ballybane Enterprise Centre,

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  1. Hey that's great Aine! I am excited to see some familiar names too. I was lucky enough to have Sandra Starkey Simon as a teacher once. She's great!


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