Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Opening of the mouth from the Book of the Dead

This exhibition has been on since last November at The British Museum and finishes soon  i.e., the 6th March 2011.

If I could and I was going to be in London - I would love to go along and have a look round this exhibition. 
I have always loved the Egyptian art of the Pharaohs.  Particularly the symbolic aspect the rituals the strange terms such as "The Opening of the Mouth" which is whats going on in this image.
However I am very fortunate in that my dear friend Linda Haslam brought me the publication from the British Museum about the book of the dead so I am able to look through that whenever I feel like it.  Thanks again Linda !!

Link to the British Museum

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  1. congrats for this beauty here
    visit from Turkey
    welcome too


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