Monday, 27 November 2006

This monotype which I then worked into using chalk pastel and pencil pastels began to reflect on that feeling of psychological zones. The red being the lifeblood or animalistic - the blue being the spiritual or intellectual and then the beige representing a more grounded aspect to the self. The main figure I suppose might be self-representational. But it certainly appears as if it is going on a journey. Within it’s parameters, are objects that it owns or that are important.
There is also a sense of there being another figure which perhaps is like a ‘guardian angel’ - this was a huge 'magical' concept in my evolving imagination as a child, who was reared in the Catholic Ireland.

I also feel that the little figure on the left (who has appeared in other artworks) is that child who was me - looking on and not having a clue as to what was going on. At the same time she is ‘awe struck’ and curious to know more, see more, touch more – to find my way into that 'special' place. That special place was/is the imagination. And really it was my own imagination - that is, which has kept me going……… all of my life. Without it I am nothing……there would be no point. I often refer to it pictorially, in various artworks where I depict a sense of a quest of searching and looking.

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  1. cool - thanks for getting in touch with me. and thanks for showing helen my blog.

    I love your blog, what a good way of getting you're art out there for everyone to see. You are a wonderful artist, helen was very complimentary. Keep in touch.

    Austin Tyler


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