Saturday, 11 November 2006

Various images of art objects including top left "Anonymosus Hero' which was made for the 6 " x 6 " for Ireland exhibition held at the 411 Galleries in China which was founded and is run by James Ryan. That was in 2005 - I am still waiting for James to send the catalogue to me.!!

Centre left: is "Dukka" which is a monoprint onto a large ceramic plate ( diameter is about 45 cm ) I used Lazertran to get the thing to work. By the way "Dukka" is Icelandic for doll

Lower left: "Give us this day our daily bread......." digital print and loaf of bread 10 x 22 x 6 cm. I first showed this in an exhibition jointly organised by the PM gallery ( Hosting Venue) and the Printmakers Council (UK) called "Lifesize" 2002.  Sad to say there is no documentation of this exhibition on their pages on Ealing Council's website.  Its not even listed as having taken place and it was an excellent exhibition with lots of great work to see.  There were people like Elizabeth Peer, for example this bookart piece:  See also her website , which is well worth a visit.

Getting back to the image sheet of my own artworks above -

Top right: "Queen of my House" photograph of a lovely model called Roma, with house made of human hair (her own) adorning her glorious crown. photo size: 20 x 29 cm

Lower right: "Heaven Scent" soap and digital print created for an exhibition in Germany on the theme of Soap. 2001

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