Monday, 4 December 2006

BIMPE 2006 - I found my old buddy Angelo Evelyn

I was going through some files/jpgs trying to locate a particular image ( yes it's a nightmare trying to find things although shortly ie once our house move is over we are hoping to buy something called Extensis Portfolio 8, which will enable me to very easily find my images. Well thats the plan anyway!! Honestly the jargon these people use , I mean those types in the IT world- 'assets managment'.

Anyway I digress !! Yep there I was looking for some images when I came across my old pals Angelo Evelyns artwork images. We were in an exhibition together which I initiated in Ireland. It was at the Triskel Gallery in Cork. I had seen it when I visited a couple of years earlier at Christmas time.

So I "Googled' Angelo , as we have kind of not kept up contact and lo and behold I found an image of his which is created from this year i.e., 2006. The above two artworks are earlier pieces by Angelo. The one with the key icon was done while we were both post graduate students at Wimbledon School of Art in London in 1999.

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