Monday, 4 December 2006

BIMPE IV, 2006 - international printmaking exhib.

This is the web site where I found my old buddy - Angelo Evelyn's artwork. I quite like this one as there's a serious side as well as humour. Knowing his preferred techniques, it may be litho or possibly screenprint. When I know for sure I will enter the data here. There were loads of other stimulating and excellent artworks on view - but I could only feature a few here.

The second image which you see on your left, is by Georgina Arce, called "Maria" . It seems she came third place in the previous Bimpe(III) competition.

The third image which is to your left, is the winner of Bimpe 2006 by

Mikolaj Smolinski

I really love this one !! It is intaglio and I like the way the stringyness 'sculpts' the form of the wee beasty. Well just the whole look/feel of the thing.

it's called "Roped Boar"

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