Friday, 22 December 2006

I am back online all the way from Scotland

It’s been a hard days night. And I really have been working like a dog!!

What a week (well nine -ten days) it has been. It just went on forever. Moving from London to Edinburgh definitely was very hard going but the absolute worst part was driving up in the car with C. at the wheel and me and the 2 cats, and loads of our other paraphernalia, in the car. Never again, never again.
The trauma, the wailing........... Finny escaping from his recently specially purchased 'cage' while we were on the motorway..............having to stop every now and again as they were getting too worked up. Of course I felt guilty for putting the poor craters through all this but we couldn’t leave them behind and well I just had to hope that the 'medication 'I got from the vets, for their eight-hour ordeal would have some beneficial effect. It really was not up to much though. Rendering them as per a couple of drunks who couldn’t walk properly but who otherwise just wouldn’t shut up and who insisted on having their voices raised.

Anyway we all survived and are still getting used to being in a different place. The house is probably a little larger than our previous one and apart from the traffic that runs by the back of our rear garden fence (the roads about 30 meters away) it;s pretty good. The noise isn’t a problem = its just a huge change for the fur-bees i.e., misters M. and F.

Finny, who is featured lower down in this blog looking terribly relaxed, is the more nervous of my two cats and is taking a little longer to acclimatize to his new environment that his brother Monty.

Above is an image from my recent batch of printmaking works that I find very calming - it seems very fitting for right now and is appropriately called 'Healing Chamber'. Click HERE  to link to my Flickr album,  if you would like to see the other prints in this series 'Traces on Wood'.

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  1. "Healing Chamber" is a delicate balance of energy and calmness. nice work.


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