Friday, 8 December 2006

Sannea Venhuis has Come out to See the Light

I thought it was high time that some of the wonderful artworks I have collected over this past year made their way out of the folder called 'My Little Art Gallery' to see the light of day. Given that I have been packing box after box and nothing much else these past few days I thought that this would be enjoyable, i.e., to 'hang some artworks on the 'walls' of my blog.
Dutch artist, Sannes Venhuis, is I think ,very talented and she makes installations + 2d artworks a plenty.
You can view quite a number of her works at which has some excellent artists featured on it. Well worth a visit.

Her work depicts human and animal forms as well as hybrids that serve to express more complex emotions concerning what appears to be the psyche of the outsider. Perhaps the central character portrayed is that of the ‘self’ i.e., everyman – struggling though the dynamics of interpersonal relationships as well as that,with himself.

Through an intuitive use of space and placement Venhuis beautifully portrays her forms in sometimes innocent and often fragile states of play.

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