Thursday, 2 April 2009

Drypoint on Perspex

I have come across an excellent post on the Lighthouse Keepers Cat blog by "Minu", from Wellington, New Zealand. It explains very well particularly for beginners how to do drypoint on perspex.

So take a look and read through - the photos are pretty instructive and well _ it's uncomplicated.

Here's a sweet and somewhat straight forward drypoint by Peta Hansen. I came across it, on portjackson press which has some excellent printmaking on it - always worth a visit.

Getting back to drypoint - well it's a process whereby one makes a scratch into a surface, and then you push ink into this for printmaking purposes. Usually one scratches these 'lines' or 'marks' into metal such as aluminium a softish metal, or copper - which is harder). One often nowadays finds people working onto perspex.

If that sounds just too easy for words then believe me it is in a a way!! BUT as with all printmaking processes doing it well is a lifelong learning curve. There are always a plethora of technical variations to consider. The main thing though is its one of those things that you learn about through DOING IT !!

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