Monday, 6 April 2009

I must be nuts doing this large drypoint - my hands going to drop off !!

I have been working for the second day steadfastly on this large drypoint and honest to goodness it's so ridiculously knackering. It's kind of a large spiderweb format of handwriting that I am making to submit to something later this month.

Honestly, I spent so much time working out the design through the computer that, in the end, I have not left a lot of time for the plate making!! I did some tests on aluminium but it's just not up to the same outcome as you get from copper.

I had thought that aluminium would be easier to work into, than copper but ultimately I am now scribing into copper. It's really hard going on my hands wrists fingers and if I overdo it - it aches the nerves going up to my neck even my dear old head.

Here are some of the ideas from a visual point of view. I was saying to a colleague at FDPW the other day how I had made so many possibilities based on my essential idea that it was getting ridiculous so I thought - in fact I just wanted to get on with the practicalities of making it.


  1. Hang in there!
    The potency of he concept is so strong,Aine.
    can`t wait to see the finished result.
    Go go go.

  2. this looks very interesting, hope you work it out without making it too hard....

  3. wow! you are an amazing artist! I just read your wonderful comment on my blog and I am very happy to have read it. thank you :)

    For the monoprint, I watercolored on a sheet of film paper (or was it velum..) then I wait for it to dry and then I print it. I hope that answers your questions.



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