Monday, 13 April 2009

Final Drypoint work submitted to Drypoint printmaking competition in Serbia

I feel very tired and yet I have not worked as hard today as I have on previous days, of recent past. I went to the post office this morning to send these off. Afterwards we went down to the local supermarket ASDA and C. went off to the recycle depot, with glass tins etc etc.

I said I would go in and have a go on the electronic mobile chair that they have there for people like me with a disability - who would not otherwise, be able to make it round the supermarket - as it's far far, too far to walk. I wish I had, had the confidence to 'have a go' on this. ages ago because it felt so good to be able to wheel about the place, under my own steam and to have a look at the clothes (which are never that good but sometimes there's something that appeals). It sounds unkind but I liked being there with out C. on my own. Nice to dawdle for as long as I liked, looking at this and at that. If I was'nt able to stand up, when I wanted to, then it'd be frustrating because you can only see at the eye level, you are at ( i.e., sitting down). So you cannot see very well where things are. But I just asked people and at one stage a shop worker, asked me if I needed any help. He must have noticed me darting my head about, trying to find where things were. I did'nt mind that. In fact the staff were really pleasant. I have to admit though that I was tempted to drive away off out of the store on a spree!!

Speaking of dawdling been doing that a bit this evening looking at stuff on the internet. I got distracted looking at printmaking based artists on Came across these people.
I was attracted to look more closely at her work because I could see that she was printing on surfaces other than the conventional, as in printmaking paper. She does print on toilet rolls (as can be seen from the above) as well as sponges, aluminium foil and ........ take a look at her website for more info

Also a fellow playing around with woodgrain which is something I am seeking since I was inspired by Karen Kunc's workshop in Wood block printmaking techniques, video by Sara Ringler. His name is Bryan Nash Gill.

Also an Indian artist (Tushar Waghela) who's work I came across previously and there's something about his images, in which he uses skeletal imagery as well as actual x-rays - wish I knew where to get hold of some!! - that appeals to me - also his use of negative space.

Last but not least is Maria Tanikawa, a Japanese born painter living in USA who mainly works, doing "Japanese paintings" (!!??) but it was her collagraphs that interested me. I adore the affect she has achieved on this one - it looks kind of organic and "marble - ized". If anyone reading this has any theories, experience or knowledge please do comment.

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  1. I like your drypoint-work a lot....very interesting and beautiful....and thanks for all the other interesting link to other artist...


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