Saturday, 4 April 2009

Krakow print again.....Prints submitted

I will be amazed if any of these get selected because the standard for this prestigious triennial is extremely high. I was probably the most pleased with the red print but .........we will see.
These are all large prints eg 100 x 80 cm - that kind of size.

These are now extremley hard work for me to do what with my disability (and that's even with the fantastic technical support I get from B.M. at FDPW). I am actually now working on a large drypoint, for another forthcoming international graphics competition in Serbia. But it's ever so labour intensive. I have been doing some tests. I have switched from copper to aluminium because I wouldnt have been able to cope with scribing into that metal - it needed so much pressure. We will see. Now I am so so tired. Tomorrow 's another day - gawd willing............

I had a lovely email this evening from Angela Heideman (fellow printmaker at FDPW) which made me smile - such things are beautiful..... generous and always appreciated.


  1. Hi Aine, lovely prints - I wish I could see them full-size instead of little pictures on my computer! Good luck with the selection for Krakow. I just got some work into a show over here but choked when I got a $300+ bill for framing... let's hope I sell the work at the show (unlikely). I'll be over in the UK in September at IMPACT in Bristol and I'm sad I won't make it to Scotland this time - it would have been lovely to meet up. Have fun with your drypoint - I know what you mean about copper being easier to work - I just can't grip the tools hard enough so I've embarked on my first large collograph. Too large for my press so I'll have to hand print it. Hmmm. Take care, Sara x

  2. Good luck with Krakow, Aine. These are wonderful prints, I'll keep my fingers crossed that they're successful. Well done for even being organized enough to enter (I wasn't!!). :) Amie


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