Friday, 17 April 2009

Todays been a funny day somehow.......

I just kept doing silly things once I got to the print workshop and really what I went there to do I could just as well have done here at home. But I thought it might be best to leave C. here to carry on with the work he has been doing on my print studio - which involves a lot of boshing and banging and sawing.
Whilst at the print studio I realized I had brought the wrong Lascaux bottle with me i.e., NOT the hard ground etch acrylic which I have realized recently makes an excellent quick drying varnish sealer for collagraph plates. I had taken some drawings quickly selected from my drawers and thought I would at least make a few small ones as I often think this, when I am 'building or developing prints i.e. a small figurative element, would go well there but none of those, which I currently have available, (already carved sealed etc etc) are suitable.

Then I realized I had forgotten my spectacles - which I need for reading and doing close up work!!! So I continued all the same and did very basic things - like transferring images from my drawings to the mount card using carbon paper, cutting them out and then sealing their reverses with PVA. One of the images was what I call 'Inside of Me" and another was from, what may become number one of a series called "The Envelope People".

This evening once I had eventually 'recovered' or was just sort of 'up to it', I did a tiny bit of work on my IWeb website. It's a start at least!!

Here's a link to it

It's something I would really like to get done once and for all. So I thought I would share it - so that possibly people might keep saying "oh and how is THAT website of yours going - have you got it a bit further along the way??!!

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  1. hi, ive been reading through your blogs, its been awhile since i have done so. i have a question, were do you find out about all of these exhibitions? youve mentioned many i was unaware of. thanks marilee


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