Wednesday, 16 September 2009

411 Galleries

I am going through my blog folder (one of many blog folders!!) and adding much backdated items such as this. It's an image I sent to the 411 Gallery for the second last exhibition that I participated in there. The place is run by a chap called James Ryan and he seems to have achieved a lot with the place. I think that there have been about 4 or 5 exhibitions which were as a result of an open call to artists of Irish origin/association/residence. I have had a poster from them, at one time which was for one of the shows I was participating in and also a rather nice catalogue.
The most recent of their exhibitions I was featured in was "Drawing Eire"which included artists using drawing media in a myriad of ways as well as with a plethora of interpretations as to what drawing is. It opened in March of this year (2009) thereafter the plan was that the show would travel on to Beijing and then Hangzhou.
However I am still awaiting two other catalogues (of exhibitions I was in).   One had the theme of "showcase" although I can't remember what the gallery called the exhibition.   The other was "Cead in China"  ( for which I have the catalogue - and it's a perfectly good catalogue I might add).   I have emailed James quite a number of times and by now have grown tired of his assurances that he will send me one.............
The Drawing Eire" exhibition catalogue - I would have hoped to have received it,  by now.


I just found this  picture (above)  of the artwork I sent for the Drawing exhibition on the 411 website  amazing !!!

I rather liked this one (left)  that I saw on there,  which was also in the exhibition. It's by Valerie Gleeson.  She is from Cork city in the south of Ireland, like myself.

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    Just from looking through your work I can tell I'm a definite fan. I can't wait to see more. I will certainly follow your blogs to keep up with what is going on with your work.
    How did you come across my blog?
    And... isn't Anita wonderful?!
    Take care,
    Ann Flowers


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