Wednesday, 16 September 2009

B I B L I O D Y S S E Y a treat for the mind body and spirit

It truly is inspiring - I always imagine that everyone knows about this superb blog but it may be that  you don't.?? !!  ......whatever .......enjoy

There are  all sorts on there;  mainly though,  it is in the form of illustrations from books of old with the occasional  contemporary entry.   I can't remember how I first came across it but it was a few years back.   Weird animals,  monkeys and sea creatures, maps, divine comedy as well as images pertaining to  apocalyptic visions, are to be found on Bibliodyssey.
Botanical and Zoological illustrations along with illuminated manuscripts also feature.  One is often taken to other interesting blogs by reading what Peacay (the author, who I think lives in Australia) has to say,  on his various posts.    I very much admire this publication because it must take a tremendous effort to maintain it.
I even went so far as to purchase the book that has been published fairly recently , about the website,  a couple of christmases ago,  for my brother

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