Friday, 25 September 2009

The Kindness of "STRANGERS" ??!!

Please note that this post was originally written at the beginning of August, 2009.

Although I am no way out of the woods yet with recovering from my spinal surgery I am so pleased at how much an improvement I feel. Thank goodness.

I remember when I lived in London how I used to respond when people asked how I found it when I came up to Scotland on holidays. Well I used to say..."you know what, it feels more like home - some what similar to how I feel when I visit Ireland (my homeland). People I found were warmer, less pretentious and just down to earth.
I know that's a "generalized" perspective and that invariably there are bound to be unpleasant aspects too, but overall this was what I found to be the case.

I am saying this as a preamble to my experiences of late.

Since going into hospital and I have been touched by the amount of well wishes and interest people have shown in my welfare. Sending cards flowers and phoning and emailing even some visitors (thanks to S.C. and S.R. and a huge big thank you to T.C. who has been like a breath of fresh air. Neighbours have also sent their good wishes and well it all really makes you feel cared about.
I also have had good wishes and enquiries as to my recovery from some lovely net friends such as A.W.W. and S.B. oh and then of course there’s R.N. and well it goes on and on. C.s family have also been very thoughtful sending lovely flowers and plants and visiting me too. I am really blessed with these people - when you think of all the nightmare families you hear about on some of those daytime chat shows such as the `Jeremy Kyle show or the Jerry Springer show. They really are the nicest decentest people........

Actually when I woke up early this morning I heard foreign tongues on the radio and then realized it was Radio Scotland and they were speaking Gaelic Scots, which is quite similar to Gaelic Irish when written BUT when you hear it or at least when I hear it on the radio or TV it sounds more like some Scandinavian language. I can make out the odd word such as "agus" (and) but mostly cannot follow it at all. I so admire those people who can speak this language because its a cultural treasure - in the case of the Scottish and the Irish people.

I just had a little trial of getting into the shower/bath with C. and was delighted to find that I was able to swivel myself round to sit down in the bath and to pretend to dunk my head back as if I was submerging my head under the bathwater. So I should be able to have a bath in the morning -- hooray which will be heaven!! Can’t wait. I know I could go have one now this minute but as I have already got myself up and dressed (the worst bit is trying to put my knickers on!!) and then my trousers.

Anyway what I am saying is that having got myself  going....well,  getting undressed now and then getting dressed AGAIN afterwards,  would be too much of a performance !!.

I had thought I might go into the print workshop tomorrow before lunchtime to just stay for an hour at the main worktable chatting to whoever was there BUT now I don't know.

I had better just see how things go in the morning after all - the morning time (after I have been asleep for many hours and lying in the same position for ages) is when my 'physicality’ is at its most challenged “pain wise”.


  1. I am so sorry to hear your news but happy that you are back on the blog. Whatever you do don't over do it. Over the past couple of years I have had various health issues and I am so happy about having an arts practice.. when I was stuck in bed -oh, the millions of ideas that were explored.. you must be also itching to work. All the best for a speedy recovery.

  2. just realized today i haven't been getting a feed from your blog. all fixed now. i hope you are doing well. i love your monotypes! very beautiful!


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