Monday, 21 September 2009

Cat + detail from collagraph

Seeing that image below was driving me mad  so I just had to post a different image on here.
Also,  I am waiting for (above: detail from Print, featured in earlier post)  my SLR digital camera to recharge so I can finish my 'documentation' of stuff I have been doing of late.
Some of it,  is from before I went into hospital for the neuro surgery - as in the
"Bookmark Project" 
which I had signed up for, ages ago with Sarah Bodmin of the University of Central England.  It's been taking place over the past five or six years and I thought I'd give it a go.  I started playing around with thoughts and ideas about 3 months before the deadline but didnt buckle down to physically getting on with  it until about 6 weeks before it was due.
Then of course I began to realise that it was going to take far more physical effort that I had anticipated.  I thought seriously about it and because I did not know, the extent,  nor the duration,  of the increased pain and incapacity  -  I thought it best to 'resign' from the project.    I hated doing that  = I think it's the first time I have ever had to do it but it seemed best.  It was for an edition of 100 bookmarks.
Here's a link to the final bookmarks  project on the University  of the West of  England's  website

As in the water color monotypes - which were the first thing I did following my adventure with the neurosurgeon.

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