Friday, 25 September 2009

Bookmarks Project 2009

Bookmarks 7
September 2009 - February 2010
This project was set up in 2004  by  the Centre for Fine Print Research and has been present at sixty seven venues,  during this time.  It is not as such "exhibited" but rather left for members of the public to freely avail of.  Usually this is in libraries.  This has been taking place at various locations in Europe, South America and the East as well as the southern hemisphere.  This years Bookmarks are being presented in 2 venues in USA.

Here is a selection of some previous participants works that I liked either for the imagery or clever use of materials or even both.

As I mentioned in the 2nd last post I had signed up to send an edition of 100 bookmarks for this project but then my operation (spinal surgery) came up  - I was on the "standby waiting list ".  So I felt it best to withdraw.  I thought I would include the work I did here in any event.
I decided to use the lino cut that I had made for the British Miniprint - I just cut it down to a smaller size.  I considered having it just as it is,  with red string hanging down from where the infants are stitched together.
However I wanted to see what it would look like with a background that it could be printed onto.  I made some pages with watercolor washes on and scanned them.  
These I printed out and then  printed the lino cut plate onto,  to see what it looked like. Then I was thinking of trying it on different plain colored papers also.  But ultimately I never completed the project because going into hospital to get my spinal column amended was more important.  

It seems that in the end 37 artists participated in this years event.

further refs:
Giuseppe Perrezan 

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