Friday, 25 December 2009

And So this is Christmas

and what have you done ....another year over and a new one........not yet begun...I have finally found some time to update my blog as its way way behind with stuff I have been doing never mind stuff I have come across or discovered books I have been reading and so on.

One of the things that is on right now is an exhibition of prints selected from an international submission by contemporary printmakers.

International Printmaking in New Zealand   
Exhibition at Art at Wharepuke, from December 20th (2009) to January 25th (2010) The works in this exhibition were selected from an open submission  and  its aim is to present a perspective on Current processes and concerns within printmaking practice today.   Fifteen artists works are included ( three of which I submitted) representing eight different countries. The venue is open from 9am to dusk every day.   IMAGES- I dont know who these works are buy but Mark graver, who is the director of AAWharepuke,  tells me there will be documentation of the works on their website soon.   I think one of these might be by Sandy Sykes?! Art at Wharepuke 190 Kerikeri Road Kerikeri 0230 New Zealand.
I just checked out my hunch about the red orange andd green print and YES the piece is by Sandy Sykes check out her website to see lots more works.
I used to be "into her work" way back when,  but that was in the days before the internet when one was only exposed to what one saw,  in whatever art magazines, one could access or afford etc.   
I am so glad that,  thats no longer the case and we can see each others works and most importantly learn so much from one another which is one of the motivations I have for eeping my blog.   The web has democratized access to knowledge and its no longer such a case of who you know and what they know regarding how to do this or how to access that and so on.   That's one of the reasons why I continue documenting my practice ; hopefully helping other printmakers to find their way along the long and winding path.  It is something that has been of great help to me so I like to think I am contributing to the greater pool of knowledge. Blah blah blah...that's quite enough from me now..time to go and prepare some food!!

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