Sunday 27 December 2009

Making Miniprints 3

A couple of other things I tried out were drypoint on propylene and scribing into Lascaux acrylic hard ground to use in a collagraph.  I had 2 or three images of a human and a dog which I quite liked and thought I would see how they looked.  With the  propylene I used a diamond tip  drypoint tool as I prefer it to the carbide tip and think it gives a better line.

I found that I could get a finer line by applying a layer of the Lascaux acrylic hard ground to the thin sheet of aluminium that I had.   I applied this with a pro arte brush which is soft, a bit like a watercolour brush but somewhat firmer.  You need to apply that to the plate in a couple of thin layers in opposing directions.  It only takes about 15 mins to dry.  I have never measured the exact time as I usually do something else while its taking place.

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