Tuesday, 16 April 2019

L is for Lodz International Print Biennial

I submitted to and was selected for exhibition at the very first  Lodz International Print Biennial.........that was in 2016.

Here are a few photos from the exhibition.  Not exactly fantastic photos but I suppose they give an idea of how the exhibition was presented.

The piece I entered was a collagraph that I had started ages ago and had decided to completely rework...that made it particularly satisfying - that is my being selected for the exhibition.

Here is my artwork that was in the exhibition

Technique:  intaglio collagraph... 'a la poupee' + pigment inkjet chine colle

The size is 60 x 85 cm. on Hahnemuhle

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I seem to have missed the call out for submissions for the 2nd Lodz International Print Biennial (2018) But hopefully next time around I will make another submission.
Left - You can just see my print on the left /centre horizon line.........

Left is the print which won first prize in 2018. I do think its lovely piece of work.  Its by an artist from China, Can Li. artist printmaker China.  Its 90 x 80 cm so large enough.  Mixed technique - which is all very well but would be interesting to know what techniques were used.  To me it has the feeling of being a painting.
Note no website info. was found re Can Li.
I did have my artwork returned to me along with a copy of the full colour catalogue book which was well designed and produced.  It's what I would expect from Poland.  I don't think I have ever had any 'hassle' with printmaking competitions based there.

LEFT:  a relief print in black and blue which I really liked.  Artist:Chen Jiadi "Samaya"Relief print from China.
There was a section towards the back of the catalogue called "Participants Beyond the Exhibition". this may be the artworks that got through to the selection round but that were not ultimately hung in the exhibition space.  I certainly found some pieces in that section that I quite liked.

This last piece by Chinese artist Wenwen Zhang is called "The Land". Its 80 x 120 cm
Technique: it just said "mud print"no kidding!

I was disappointed to find that the Lodz International Print Biennial website is "GONE".
Perhaps they have backed it all up on to a computer somewhere and will reinstate soon.  If I do come across it sometime soon I will of course insert the link here.

FINALLY here is a link to the online Catalog of the 2nd Lodz Print biennial (2018)

There appears to be two versions ? - they looked fairly similar to me - 



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