Sunday, 30 September 2007

Balderdash !! for want of a worse word !!!......

Depite my previous entry about this Cobalt print thing, I don't feel that I AM getting anywhere after all. I had a 'rubbish' day at the studio and it was just frustrating and not very productive. I spent ages 'faffing' about. What with organising all of my stuff on the workshop surfaces and it has to be said, that there was a lot of conversation going on around the place, which of course doesn't help. Anyway lunchtime came and lunchtime went.

Then when I finally did get started printmaking about four and a half hours AFTER I got into the print workshop - every thing that tends to go wrong in the printmaking process seemed to start going wrong.

That blasted plate with the layers of Lascaux hard ground which in the end I drypointed into out of frustration with it not proofing effectively, well yet AGAIN it did not proof successfully onto a digital chine colle image, that I layered onto a pre printed ground. So that was that - cannot be further developed.

Then another ground pre printed on my previous session - well that decided to stick to the plate and inevitably got damaged as I endeavoured to remove it ever so slowly and carefully.
Another print where I put a digital chine colle, and a piece of foil inked up with a fairly translucent mustard colour - well even though I spent ages getting the right consistency - that did a little blob kind of thing --- god --- printmaking is such an exacting process !! People who don't have any knowledge of this process have no idea of how demanding it is. And when you have backbreaking lower back pain to boot --- well you could just scream. The deadline for posting this print off was really about five days ago so I just dont know what I am going to do.

I have done a few little things in Photoshop which I like, as "beginnings". I will print those out in the morning and see if I can do something positive/constructive that pleases me.


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