Monday, 3 September 2007

Tagged Part 6 of 8 ; facts(snippets) about me

I am an adopted person I was brought to my parents when I was about 9 months old. I was brought over on a boat from England to Ireland. Apparently this priest in Cork (where I was grew up) called Father Good had an idea about all of the poor Catholic babies (innocents) that were being born in England of their unmarried mothers (sinners) should be brought back to Ireland instead of being farmed out to Protestant couples in England ( Heathens!!!)...I have always had this story inside of me asn so I
I made an artwork about this called Habeas Corpus 2001

click on here on Axisweb and select "HABAEUS CORPUS" if you want to find out more about that installation .

The photo is from an archive on the Cork city council website. The images there are provided by the Cork Camera Club.

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  1. Hey Aine! I didn't realize you had been blogging so diligently since June. I have just read all your posts since then and really enjoyed them. I will drop by here much more often now that you have more time to post. Thanks for playing the tagging game, BTW.
    Warm wishes from Australia.


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