Saturday, 8 September 2007

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I just remembered that I used to live in Frankfurt Germany for a few months. It was around about 1979 - 1980. That seems like ages ago now. Which makes me feel really ancient. Not that I need a signal to remind me of my advancing years (more's the pity!!)

Oh never mind, never mind................. Yes little old me in Germany, it was daft really ...but then I was a bit daft then. I was based in London and hanging around with a friend of mine back then, who I have lost touch with now called Sonia Peak, (not too sure of the spelling ?)
Some American guy told me he could get me work in Germany selling stuff (books) on the USA army bases. Which I did ...but it was boring humiliating and I had no interest in it whatsoever. I made hardly any income at all from the venture but somehow managed to get by. The soldiers were pretty nice though and quite a few of them were nice looking too although they tended to be a bit full of themselves which I found "off putting".
I ended up living in an apartment with a couple of German guys (one of them was gay: which was a new experience for me) and an Egyptian guy I was going out with. They also had a lovely Alsation gog. The boyfriend wanted me to join his "underground" resistance movement and move back with him to the Middle East. He said I would have to give up all my posessions though and connections with my old life. He was a bit over religious disappearing frequently to the bathroom to read his Qoran. It wasn't difficult saying goodbye to him nor to Germany at that time. I have never been back.

I never even got to look around Frankfurt and to see anything like the picture I have included, which is from a website that runs a language school in Frankfurt.

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