Thursday, 6 September 2007

Queen's Some Moving"

queen's some moving
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Just found this on Flickr. A peculiar title...........but I like the composition and the way the face is spliced horizontally. He currently has about five pages of images on his Flickr album. I probably like about 4 of these in particular.

Collage is a great creative process, though at times it can kind of drive you a bit crazy as you move 'cut out' images around and then try them on this and that background with this and that combination. I remember doing some in my attic studio in Hanwell west London , quite a few years back and ending up with stuff all over the surfaces and floor and actually losing my trail.
Of course with Photoshop you can keep your various 'try outs; and then choose which one works best also you can use the same motif twice if you want (thank goodness for PS !!).

Gone are the days when you had to nip up to the chemist to use their photocopy machine!! Having said that - I do love the uniqueness though of that medium too.

Speaking of art processes and equipment - I am just getting prepared to restart my printmaking activities. I think I have hopefully just about recovered from my Falun experience. The physical exertions (additional to usual) has almost made me go downhill health-wise although I have been trying, to take it easy and gradually get re connected with where I was with my own art practice.

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