Saturday, 15 September 2007

New Kitten Alert !!!

Chiana 01
Originally uploaded by kirstyhall.
This is Kirsty Halls new kitten and I am so envious!! Oh I wish she was mine. At this stage kittens are just SOH much fun and quite a delight to behold. I remember my two yes I actually went to the local RSPCA cat unit and 'adopted' two little kits. I had explained to them on the phone that because of my health condition I was at home all day and also that previously I had only ever inherited adult cats. I said that I would like now to have two cats so that they would be company for one another.
I dont know where I got that idea because my two (who are about five now, fairly well completley ignore one another. They did share a womb before they came out into the world but thereafter they fairly well have done their own thing although they did play together moreso when they were at this terribly cute stage.

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